what does my child need to bring to a gymnastics class?

They need to bring a water bottle, some energy and a readiness to have fun! On hot days, gymnasts are welcome to bring a cooling towel to drape around their neck. Competitive programs will need to bring extra items such as loops, guards, wristbands, ankle weights, tape etc., but you will be informed about this if it applies to you.

what should my child wear to gymnastics?

It’s best to wear tight-fitting clothes that won’t get in the way and that allow our coaches to correct your child’s posture and form. Baggy t-shirts, loose shorts, hoodies etc. can get in the way and pose a risk for gymnasts. Girls should have long hair tied back neatly and out of the way, with no big hair accessories or bobby pins (clips are best). No jewellery or watches are allowed to be worn at gymnastics (unless for a medical reason). Shoes can be worn into the venue but will need to be taken off before coming onto the floor.

how does the drop-off zone work?

The drop-off zone at the front of our venue is designed to allow a smooth flow of traffic and a quick and easy drop off and pick up. Parents, please make sure you:

  • Arrive about 5 minutes after your child’s class finishes so coaches have time to finish up and get your children out - VERY IMPORTANT. We often have situations where parents picking up children with a 6.45pm finish can’t get in to the drop off zone because parents from a class finishing at 7.00pm are already there stalling the flow of traffic. If you feel the need to come early to pick up your child, please just take a car park and wait there.
  • Pull up to the very front of the red zone when you arrive, or as close to the car in front of you as is practical and safe.
  • If there is a big line-up behind you and your child has yet to arrive at the drop off zone, we ask that parents move out of the line to a car park, or do a lap of the block and come back in.
  • Please refrain from parking against the hedge at the narrowest part of the driveway, as we need to be able to have a line-up lane and a drive through lane at all times. This will help keep traffic flowing much quicker.
  • Please don’t exit your vehicle while in the drop off zone – if you need to get out for any reason, please take a car park (there are plenty available as the afternoon goes on).
  • Remember, a little patience and respect goes a long way!
what if my child has to miss a class?

No problem! We understand that life sometimes gets in the way and families sometimes have other commitments and plans. We don’t want your child to miss out on their gymnastics class however, so we offer unlimited make-up lessons. Please note: these are only available if parents register their child’s absence on our system beforehand.

how old does my child have to be to start gymnastics?

You are never too young to start! Our early years programs start at 6 weeks old.

do classes run in the school holidays?

Yes, our classes run year-round, apart from a two-week break over Christmas.

can I join anytime or do I have to wait till the start of a new term?

You can join anytime you like! We offer monthly payments, so these will start once you have joined.

can my child try a class first to see if they like it?

Yes. We offer free trials in all our classes. You can book one through our customer portal here: myALLSTAR Portal

do you offer private lessons?

Yes. Contact our office for details and booking.

do classes run on public holidays?


can parents come out onto the gymnastics floor?

Generally, no, we require parents to stay out of the gymnastics arena. If you need to contact or get something to your child, please see the office and we will arrange it.

is my child covered by insurance?

Allstar Gymnastics is affiliated with Gymnastics Australia, meaning that all our gymnasts are registered and insured with Gymnastics Australia.

what are your class sizes?

Most of our classes have a 10:1 child to coach ratio.

how do I find out how my child is progressing?

You will receive regular report cards on your child’s progress, plus you can talk to your child’s coach on an informal basis to find out how they are going.

when will my child move up to the next level?

When they are ready. As each child develops and learns at different rates, this may not be when their friends move up, but it’s in each child’s best interests to only move up when they are prepared physically and mentally for the move.

do gymnasts participate in competitions?

Yes. The competitive program will obviously be competing regularly, but our club gym program also has the opportunity to participate in in-house carnivals if desired.