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Anjo Van Heerden

Intermediate WAG Coach

I was a Gymnast at Allstars for nine years I've just recently stopped and decided to take up the opportunity to become a coach I have been coaching at Allstars since the end of 2016. I look forward to progress as a coach and to continue learning about the sport I love most.

 I have been a coach since the end of 2016. I love that gymnastics is such a unique sport that is unlike any other. There is an endless amount of skills to learn which always keeps training exciting is the sport that builds both physical strength and character in an athlete. 

As a coach, my greatest moments are to see the joy on the gymnasts' faces as they improve and achieve new skills. I love helping them progress towards their goals and it brings me so much happiness when they develop a love for gymnastics.

My favourite quote is "healthy happy strong disciplined courageous driven passionate... gymnastics is much more than a sport".


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