our story

Allstar Gymnastics is a privately owned business dedicated to providing the highest quality gymnastics programs possible, and enabling every child to reach their potential. We offer a Gymnastics Centre of Excellence which actively promotes the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of our athletes, both competitive and non-competitive.

what we stand for

We believe that every child will benefit from starting their sporting life in gymnastics and the decision to enrol them in a class is a great step towards encouraging an active lifestyle. We know that positive movement experiences can influence a child's outlook on physical activity for life, so we strive to create opportunities for all members, both competitive and non competitive. We continually strive to set realistic expectations for successful performance and achievement knowing that success can be presented in many different ways for each child.

We value and respect professionalism in all aspects of the delivery of gymnastics to our members and thrive on giving opportunities to our athletes to reach their full potential and achieve their personal goals. We believe every member should have equal opportunity to excel regardless of age, gender, race, intellectual or physical ability.

Allstars excels in club development and has a proud tradition of leading the way on the Darling Downs, embracing the challenge of continuous improvement. We have worked hard to achieve good results and are keen to work with many different organisations to enable our staff to provide the best programs possible.

our history

Allstar Gymnastics is privileged to have been involved in the sport of gymnastics across the Darling Downs region for over 10 years. We have provided thousands of children across the community with a great foundation to achieve their goals and to embrace an active lifestyle.

In January 2011 Allstar Gymnastics was unfortunately hit with the major floor that damaged businesses and homes in Toowoomba. We lost all of our equipment and supplies during this devastating event. However, after recuperating, Allstars grew more determined to build a bigger venue to cater for our growing membership.

Our dream of a new gym became a reality in July 2012, thanks to the efforts of the business owner and the management team, who partnered with Janssen Frittsen in Holland and Amco Gymnastics in Australia to set up a new venue. Our members now have 160 square metres of foam pitting, two in ground trampolines, 2 full 12m x 12m sprung Olympic floors, 12m Tumble track trampoline, as well as many other exciting pieces of equipment.

our achievements
  • 13 state champions at the 2021 Queensland State Championships
  • 3rd place as a club (junior) at the Queensland State Club Championships 2021
  • Darling Downs Regional Club of the Year 2021
  • 3rd place as a club at the Queensland State Club Championships 2018
  • 4th place as a club at the Australian National Club Championships 2018
  • 1st place in the Regional Challenge at State Championships 2019
  • Gymnastics Queensland Club of the Year
  • Queensland State Team Representatives
  • Australian National Team Representatives
  • MAG & WAG QLD State Squad Members
  • State and Regional Championship Hosts
  • MAG Coach of the Year and MAG Gymnast of the year
  • MAG & WAG Judge of the Year
  • Partnerships with sports medicine providers, sports psychologists for team building and personal development, dance and choreography professionals, and industry coach education leaders
our 5-star values
  • Excellence
  • Care
  • Safety
  • Opportunity
  • Happy and healthy